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The Color Guard, or "Auxiliary", combine dance, drama, and performance - with the movement of flags, sabers, and rifles - into a magical pageantry. Color Guard is now one of the most popular activities for girls in the high school curriculum. This outstanding performing group is an intricate part of the fall season Marching Band program. In the winter and spring seasons, students perform in a number of dance recitals plus official Winter Guard appearances. The Winter Guard often performs in Pageantry Theater competitions incorporating a wide range of visual performance arts and choreography.

The Color Guard performs with the Marching Band at all appearances and competitions. Visual effects are important elements in competition scoring and high scores require a competent and highly rehearsed Color Guard.

"We don't twirl... We spin.
 It's not a gun... It's a rifle.
 It's not a sword... It's a saber
 And yes, It's a sport."

A summer camp program provides opportunities for incoming freshman and returning students to improve their skills during the summer break.  The Color Guard and Winter Guard are integral components of the Band and are supported through the Barracuda Band Parents Association (BBPA) with the Color Guard students participating in the yearly Pride Level Donations.